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Program Overview:

Classes will focus on meeting developmental communication milestones and
preparing your child for school. The importance of social integration and
community in the development of children’s speech and language skills is
stressed within the recreational setting. Evidence-based therapy
techniques are offered in a small group (3-5 kids) of children with
similar developmental ages to help children understand and use language
and speech sounds.
Early Talkers: (18months – 3 years)
45 minute class

The focus will be on meeting early developmental milestones through play.
Each week we will address a different aspect of communication to help you
build strategies which can be used in your day to day life . As part of a
total language approach, we will focus on building your child’s
understanding and use of language through speech, sign and pictures.
Language stimulation techniques will be modeled and explained by a
licensed speech language pathologist and feedback will be given to help
you and your child communicate through sounds, gestures, signs and
pictures. Groups are individualized based on the skill level of

Tuesday’s at 9:00am (Session Runs: January 9th – February 3rd 2018)


Preschool Language (3 – 4 years)
45 minute class followed by 15 minute discussion
The goal of this 6 week group will be to help your child’s communication
skills keep up with their busy lifestyle. A strong language foundation
sets the stage for early academic success. Through familiar stories and
play, we will focus on increasing your child’s ability to follow
directions, answer questions, understand basic concepts and increase
speech intelligibility. A licensed speech language pathologist will guide
your child toward understanding and using language at a developmentally
appropriate rate. Parents are invited to watch and listen as their
child’s development blossoms. An overview of the lesson and strategies
for support at home will be provided to parents following the group

Tuesday’s at 5pm (Session Runs: January 9th – February 3rd 2018)


Kindergarten Learners (5 – 6 years)
45 minute class followed by 15 minute discussion

The focus will be on refining the language skills necessary for early
academic work, with an emphasis on active listening and phonological
processing. Your child’s development of speech sounds should be nearing
completion at this point. Without a strong understanding of the
development of speech sounds, learning to read and write can be
overwhelming. In addition to phonological skills, a licensed speech
language pathologist will guide your children to more independent speech
and language use, including the ability to tell stories, follow
directions, and use appropriate social language. To help get your children
ready for the independence of school life, this group is for kids only,
but parents are invited to watch and observe. The speech language
pathologist will provide an overview of the lesson and suggest strategies
for home carryover following the group.

Tuesday’s at 6pm (Session Runs: January 9th – February 3rd 2018)


Social Communication Groups (Open To All Ages)
(45 minute class followed by 15 minute discussion)

Social communication involves not only the words we say but the ability to “read” the nonverbal and verbal clues in a situation and then act on them. This group will led by the needs of the children in the group and their daily situations. Role-playing, cooperative projects and technology will be incorporated to help your child navigate the ever-changing social rules around them. Each week, we will focus on upcoming events (holidays, school functions, sports, dealing with siblings, etc.) and help your child understand what to expect. There will be a focus on what to do when things are unexpected and acting flexibly in situations as well. At the younger ages, this means handling frustration, taking turns, asking to play, etc. At the older ages, this may mean interpreting text messages and social media content, as well as navigating through sarcasm and figurative language. Classes will be held on Saturdays, beginning at 10am. Groupings and times will be prepared once participants have registered.

Saturday’s at 10m (Session Runs: January 9th – February 3rd 2018)


Initial Screening:

To obtain a current skill level and maximize the therapeutic aspects of
these groups, a 30 minute screening will be conducted following
registration in the course. The cost of this screening will be $40 and you
will receive approximate levels of development in the area of
communication and target areas of growth. If your child is currently
receiving speech language therapy services, a copy of an evaluation or
current therapy plan may be substituted for the 30 minute screening
(waiving the $40 fee).


Therapist Bio:
All classes are led by Samantha Compton, MS CCC-SLP
Samantha holds a current license for Speech Language Pathology in NJ and
is credentialed by ASA. Prior to graduating from Stockton University with
a Masters in Communication Disorders, she worked with children with severe
disabilities, implementing behavior intervention plans to develop their
skills and ensure their safety. Since then, Samantha has worked primarily
in the public school and early intervention settings, helping families and
children with a variety of disabilities. Samantha strives to bring balance
back to the lives of children and families dealing with speech, language,
hearing and feeding disorders.