May 2018 Class Schedule



Day                                 Time                                            Class                              Price

Monday                         5:30pm-6:30pm                       All-Level                        $15

Monday                         6:30pm-7:30pm                       Passion                          $15

Monday                         8:30pm-9:30pm                       All-Level                        $15

Tuesday                        4:30pm-5:30pm                       Passion                          $15

Tuesday                        5:30pm-6:30pm                       All-Level                        $15

Tuesday                        7:30pm-8:30pm                       All-Level                        $15

Wednesday                  4:30pm-5:30pm                       Passion                          $15

Wednesday                  5:30pm-6:30pm                       All-Level                        $15

Wednesday                  6:30pm-7:30pm                       Passion                          $15

Wednesday                  8:30pm-9:30pm                       Commitment               $15

Thursday                       5:30pm-6:30pm                       Super Hero                   $15

Thursday                      5:30pm-6:30pm                       All-Level                        $15

Thursday                      7:30pm-8:30pm                       Open Gym                     $10

Please note that we will be running our spring training clinics in addition to our regular monthly classes during the month of May.

133 Eayrestown Rd.                Southampton, NJ 08088