ACX Diamonds

Half-Year Cheerleading Program


This program is specifically designed for cheerleaders who cheer for rec. and/ or school teams during the fall/ early winter and are looking to continue cheering for the remainder of the year. Our Half-Year Program is an all-star cheerleading program with lesser commitment and financial obligations than our full year.

Here are some of the great reasons to join:

You want to try all-star cheerleading for the first time with out the expense or commitment.
You are already a cheerleader and want to continue your passion.
You are a rec. or high school cheerleader and you want to cheer in your off season.




The teams will practice twice per week, 1.5 hours each practice. Athletes will receive 1 additional hour of tumbling that they can use during any of our classes. Extra tumbling will be available at a discounted rate of $25 for unlimited tumbling for the month.

Practices will begin the first week in December and will continue through the end of April.

Practice Days & Time- TBD


Competition Schedule:

March 17th- Trenton, NJ

March 18th- Timber Creek, HS

April 15th- Timber Creek, HS

April 21st – Wildwood, NJ

Half-Year Cheerleading Team Placements & Pricing


Team Evaluations: $10

Friday, November 17th (Drop in Between 6:00pm-7:30pm)


Monday, November 27th ( Drop in Between 4:30pm-6:30pm)


* Teams will be announced, along with their practice schedule, on Tuesday, November 28th. This information will be viewable on the DA website. If you cannot attend one of the evaluation sessions, please contact Bonnie to set up a private evaluation.


Half -Year Program Cost:

Monthly Fee $225 (Dec-April)

The monthly fees will cover the competition fees, music, bow, tuition for 2 practices per week (1.5 hours each practice), registration fee and choreography.

Due the 1st of each month.


Uniform: $150 due by January 1st


USASF Membership Fee- $30: USASF Must be Paid and Completed by Jan. 15th

(Mandatory for all participants)


*For more information or to schedule an evaluation, email [email protected]